Montclair Climate Action

Waste, Recycling, and Compost

Garbage helps to fuel the climate crisis. Worldwide, trash that is dumped into landfills generates large amount of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. When this methane leaks into the air, it fuels global warming in a dramatic way. Montclair’s trash is a little different. Instead of being sent to a landfill, it is sent to the Covanta Incinerator in the Ironbound section of Newark. Emissions from the incinerator can cause adverse health effects to nearby residents of Newark, in addition to worsening climate change. The upshot: the more we can do to reduce our waste, the better it is for the planet and the people who live on it.


Knowing what you can and can’t recycle can be complicated, but Montclair’s sustainability coordinator is here to explain it all to you. Check out his helpful video explainer!


Composting food waste reduces the overall waste stream from Montclair, and it also help with a strong healthy garden. See below for composting links.