Montclair Climate Action


When we throw our garbage away, it’s burned at an incineration plant in Newark’s Ironbound neighborhood. It’s no coincidence that this neighborhood, also home to polluting factories and the contaminated Passaic River, has poor air quality and high rates of asthma for its residents. Our waste directly harms another community right here in Essex County, and by recycling, we reduce that harm.

Recycling also saves the township money. New Jersey offers tonnage grants, which means that the state pays the township for every ton of material it recycles. On the other hand, Montclair has to pay for every ton of garbage that we send to the incinerator. As such, the more we recycle, the more money the township government saves for other projects that benefit Montclair residents.

Finally, under New Jersey law, recycling isn’t optional. The Recycling Act of 1987 mandates home and commercial recycling, and residents who throw away recyclable materials can face fines of up to $2000. In this case, recycling can definitely save money!

The process of recycling can be confusing at times, as different communities have different rules and different products that they accept. For this, the township has created a handy brochure. Click below to find out which which day your recycling is picked up, as well as which items are accepted and which are not. So make sure to recycle, and save our environment here in New Jersey and around the world!