Montclair Climate Action

Public Transit

Riding public transportation is another great way to cut down on carbon emissions. Trains and busses almost always emit fewer greenhouse gasses than automobiles, especially when compared to single-occupancy vehicles. What’s more, public transit often offers a quicker, cheaper, and less-stressful commute, when taking into account traffic and the cost of gas and parking. Montclair has many great public transportation options to choose from:

The Montclair-Boonton NJ Transit rail line has seven stops in town, with many Montclair residents within walking distance of a station. It even stops at one station, at Bay Street, on weekends! Trains run throughout the day, providing an affordable way to travel to Manhattan (Penn Station) in under 45 minutes. The line also stops at Hoboken and many other towns in New Jersey, and connects to other lines. You can check up-to-date timetables on the NJ Transit website, use their trip planner, or download their app on any mobile device.

NJ Transit also operates many bus lines through Montclair, providing a cheap and frequent way to get around the region. Some of these routes are useful for New York-bound commutes, some are local, and others go to other New Jersey towns and cities. Input your origin and destination at NJ Transit’s Bus Point-to-Point to find the best way to travel. Or, check the bus schedules for the routes through Montclair: routes #11, #28, #29, #34, #97, #191 and #705.

Additionally, DeCamp Bus Lines resumed limited service in June 2021, with routes #33 and #66 carrying commuters from Montclair to New York. Check their website for up-to-date schedules.

Whether for your daily commute, a quick trip to the grocery store, or anywhere else you need to go, the public transit options in and around Montclair are a great way to bring sustainability into your everyday life.