Montclair Climate Action

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) have existed since the 1880s. When they first invented, they were even more popular than early internal combustion vehicles! In the past few years, new technologies and advances have made EVs a great option again, both for the environment and your wallet. Charging stations are becoming more common, with many in and around Montclair. Make sure to check an online map to find one near you.

Electric vehicles can now travel longer distances without charging, enabling road trips and longer journeys. EVs are even becoming more affordable; while they typically still have a greater sticker price, you save on fuel costs, which add up over the car’s life for a lower overall cost. What more, here in New Jersey, the state government incentivizes electric vehicle ownership with a $5000 rebate for most new electric cars through the Charge Up New Jersey program. Use the calculator linked below to see how much you could save by making your next car purchase electric.

However, electric vehicles aren’t a perfect solution to climate change. While their lifetime emissions are far lower than gasoline-powered cars, the production of EVs emits greenhouse gasses. Also, because much of our electricity still comes from fossil fuels, charging an EV will still have associated emissions in most places until renewables are widespread. Because of these factors, EVs aren’t as sustainable as active transportation, and in most cases, public transportation.

Nevertheless, if you’re shopping for a new car, buying electric is a considerably more sustainable option than gas-powered car. EVs are a great opportunity to cut your carbon footprint, and given enough time, save money while you’re at it.