Montclair Climate Action

Sustainable Essex Alliance

Montclair’s Energy Aggregation Program

Since 2018, Montclair and several other Essex County communities have negotiated directly with PSE&G to obtain lower electricity prices and more renewable energy for everyone. While PSE&G energy prices normally fluctuate monthly, this energy aggregation initiative creates a single, stable price, slightly cheaper year-to-year than what you would otherwise pay.

Working together as the Sustainable Essex Alliance Renewable Government Energy Aggregation program (SEA), the towns have negotiated a new deal in 2020. The basic option allows for an energy mix of 40% renewable electricity and 60% non-renewables, which is almost twice the standard level of renewables in New Jersey!

Opt up to 100% Renewable Electricity

Even better, residents have the option to opt to receive 100% renewable energy from  the new electric supplier, Energy Harbor LLC, for a small additional price — for less than one cent per kilowatt hour extra!  If you are interested in making the switch, you can call them at (866) 636-3749.

Read more about Montclair’s energy aggregation program at the town’s FAQ about the program.