Montclair Climate Action

Community Solar

For those without the ability to install their own rooftop solar panels, New Jersey has offered another option since 2019 through a pilot program: community solar. Residents can opt in and subscribe to a local solar energy project, regardless whether you own or rent your home. These projects typically require no enrollment fee, allow members to cancel at any time, and keep their subscribers as customers of PSE&G. It works like this: community solar projects use solar energy to generate electricity, which is connected to the PSE&G grid. By subscribing, you sign up for a share in the project and receive solar energy credits on your PSE&G account, lowering your bill!

You can save money on your electric bill while helping to save the environment, all without the hassle of a physical installation!

How do I sign up?

All community solar projects have to be approved by the state, and households can only subscribe to projects in their local area.   As a result, there is currently only one company offering community solar projects to Montclair residents: Solar Landscape.  You can head to their website to learn more and sign up. 

Remember that projects have only a limited number of subscriptions available, so if all projects are currently full you will have to go on a waiting list. But as new projects are approved, you will get into the program.

To find out what projects are available in other areas, you can go to the website of Energy Sage, an on-line marketplace for solar energy providers.