Montclair Climate Action

Energy & Electricity

In the United States, generating electricity still accounts for 25% of our total greenhouse gas emissions, and 60% of our electricity is still generated by fossil fuels. As an economic sector, electricity is second to only transportation in greenhouse gas emissions. This needs to change. The burning of fossil fuels generates billions of tons of carbon dioxide annually, and drilling for natural gas releases large amounts of methane into our atmosphere. In the atmosphere, methane gas is 86 times more potent at warming than carbon dioxide  over a twenty year period. To solve the climate crisis, we need to drastically reduce methane emissions as well.

To stop the ongoing trend of global warming, we need to switch to using renewable energy. Sources of renewable energy include wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, and solar. Not all are right for every community, but each is a valuable option, with solar energy particularly accessible in Montclair. New Jersey is also becoming a major player in wind energy, recently approving the nation’s largest offshore wind farm on July 1st, 2020. Thanks to efforts like these, renewables are growing fast across the country. As fossil fuel and nuclear energy consumption decreased in 2020, renewables grew for the fifth year in a row, a great trend which we hope to see continue.

Here in Montclair, there are many ways to take action individually and as a community to make the transition. Click below to learn about energy aggregation, a great program in Essex County to bring renewable energy to your home while lowering your energy bill. Or, read about how to purchase solar energy, either on your own home or by subscribing to a community project.