Montclair Climate Action

Contact Your Representatives

There are many ways we can take action against climate change individually, but to truly prevent the crisis, we must convince our elected officials in Trenton, Washington, and here in Montclair to take action. It’s our responsibility to show our leaders that strong climate policy has overwhelming public support and that we must act now. Our township is split between multiple districts, so enter your address here if you’re not sure who your representatives are. Find the names and contact information below for all of Montclair’s state and federal legislators, and let them know that action against climate change should be one of the government’s top priorities.

Position Name Contact Form Phone
US Senate
Cory Booker
US Senate
Bob Menendez
US House (District 10)
Donald Payne Jr.
US House (District 11)
Mikie Sherrill
State Senate
Nia Gill
General Assembly
Thomas P. Giblin
General Assembly
Britney Timberlake

Here in Montclair, our township government understands the urgent threat of climate change. In July 2021, the Township Council unanimously authorized the Montclair Environmental Commission to create a Climate Action Plan. Nevertheless, we need to make sure that Montclair takes action and enacts the important programs and policies that the plan will recommend. Change happens at the local level, and it’s easy to get involved. Find email addresses, phone numbers, and meeting times on the websites below, and make your voice heard.