Montclair Climate Action

Energy Audits

In many homes, air conditioning and heating aren’t fully efficient. Appliances, poor insulation, and air leakage allow energy to escape your house’s systems, so you’re paying for more energy than you’re using! In most cases, this means that your home uses more energy derived from fossil fuels, leading to increased greenhouse gas emissions and environmental harm.

Thanks to New Jersey’s Clean Energy Act, PSE&G and other electric utility companies provide multiple energy efficiency programs for their customers. If you own either a single-family or multifamily home, you can sign up for a free quick energy check, in which a certified professional will walk through your home to pinpoint ways you can save energy. They’ll inspect various home systems and may offer to install energy-efficient measures like LED light bulbs or flow-efficient showerheads, that same day!

PSE&G’s Quick Energy Checks only last about an hour, and they leave you with a list of next steps you can take to lower your home’s energy use. Home Performance with Energy Star takes this a step further. Under this program, you hire a local contractor, of which there are many in Essex County, to conduct a full energy audit and perform tests around your home. Based on their final report, you can qualify for up to $5000 in rebates and a no-interest bill payment program to upgrade equipment to improve your energy efficiency!

Get started today with any of the programs below to lower your energy bill by decreasing your energy waste, helping to prevent climate change along the way.