Montclair Climate Action

MCA Policy Priorities

Below are the policy and lobbying priorities for Montclair Climate Action. These are the policies which we feel should be prioritized by Montclair Township to maximize impact in addressing the climate crisis.

  1. Benchmarking: Energy benchmarking for all nonresidential buildings over 25,000 sq ft,
  2. Building Energy Code: Work towards requiring a new commercial and medium high-rise residential construction code to use more efficient space and water heating, along with increasing efficiency measures regarding building envelopes, lighting, and insulation. Work with the state government leaders, if necessary, to achieve this.
  3. Weatherization: Find funding to provide rebates to offset cost of qualifying energy-efficiency upgrades
  4. Electrification: Electrifying buildings, starting with township buildings but expanding to other buildings. Find funding to provide rebates for air source heat pumps
  5. Promote EV Chargers: Providing 20 Discounted Level 2 Chargers to Landlords with Increased Incentive if Public via EV Match
  6. Bike lanes + Sidewalks: Increasing the amount of sidewalk space and the number of bike lanes to promote clean transportation
  7. City Solar: Installing solar panels on city-owned buildings
  8. Electrify the City Fleet: Transition Montclair township fleet to Electric Vehicles as they require replacing
  9. Promote town-wide renewable electricity: Use energy aggregation to reach a target of 100% renewable electricity by 2030
  10. Composting and recycling: develop a town-wide composting program and further promote recycling levels