Montclair Climate Action


Energy production is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.  The burning of fossil fuels generates billions of tons carbon dioxide annually, while drilling for oil and natural gas releases large amounts of methane into our atmosphere. Only by switching to renewable energy can we stop the ongoing trend of global warming and cliamte change. Read on for things you, and our township, can do to help make this transition to renewable energy.

Energy aggregation

What is energy aggregation?

Energy aggregation allows all the members of a town to get together and negotiate together and obtain lower electricity prices, and often more renewable energy, for everyone.

Along with other towns in Essex County, Montclair is part of the Sustainable Essex Alliance Renewable Government Energy Aggregation program (SEA). Under this program, Montclair township residents are eligible to take advantage of the good deals negotiated by the alliance.

This year, SEA has helped to negotiate a new deal. The basic option allows for an energy mix of 40% renewable electricity and 60% non-renewable, at a price slightly lower than the prices you would otherwise pay to PSE&G.

Even better, residents now have the option to “opt-up” for 100% renewable energy. We strongly encourage all residents of Montclair to do their bit by signing up for 100% renewable energy!

Rooftop solar

Rooftop solar allows you to cut your use of dirty electricity, while also saving money.  It’s win-win. You can even arrange to have it installed with no money upfront. Keep an eye out for upcoming events from MCA about rooftop solar.