Montclair Climate Action

MCA’s priorities for the new township council

The inauguration of the new township council, with its sea of new faces, gives Montclair a chance to revisit climate policy, and think about what the town can do to become a climate leader. With the passage of the Climate Action Plan, Montclair now has a road map towards strong climate policy.

But how to choose what to focus on? MCA has its own list of 10 policy priorities for the township government based on evidence from what are the most impactful steps to address climate change. But even ten things is a lot to focus on.

For that reason, at our June meeting, MCA members decided to focus on two key policies:

  • Electrifying the city fleet
  • Building biking and walking infrastructure

Electrifying the city vehicle fleet is something that other towns in New Jersey have already started doing. It is a strong public sign that the township is committed to addressing climate change, and can inspire other drivers around town to make this important switch. With the falling cost of EVs, and grant money available for infrastructure and vehicle purchases, there has never been a better time to move in this direction. For this reason, we are calling on the township council to adopt a policy of transitioning to EVs as vehicles wear out and are replaced.

Study after study has shown that moving away from cars and towards active mobility (biking and walking) is one of the most impactful things that an individual can do to address the climate crisis–to say nothing of all the other social benefits it would bring. If the township wants to help its citizens do the right thing, it needs to make it easier to get around town by biking and walking, and that means changing infrastructure. The Vision Zero Task Force is a good start, but the township needs to go farther: making a commitment to reducing Vehicle Miles Travelled around town, developing a long-term plan for building biking and walking infrastructure, then following that plan to make biking and walking around Montclair safe for all.

There are many things that Montclair can and should do to address the climate crisis, but these policies are a good start. One is a policy that has Montclair township do the right thing; the other is a policy which makes it easier for Montclair residents to do the right thing. Together, then can put us on the path to a cleaner, greener, Montclair.

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