Montclair Climate Action

Montclair Township Council passes Climate Action Plan

In a step forward for climate action in Montclair, the township council approved the Climate Action Plan at its meeting on April 24th.

Montclair now joins other towns in New Jersey with a concrete plan to address the ongoing climate crisis.

Regarding the plan, MCA president David Korfhage said, “Passing the plan is a good step, but the key will be carrying it out. We hope the new township council, the town manager, and town employees will commit to the strong action we need to address the climate crisis.”

Studies have found a variety of ways in which local governments can help address the climate crisis:

  • Promoting alternatives to cars, including biking, walking, and public transit
  • Promoting electrification of transportation, including buying EVs for the town fleet and making it easier for residents to charge their own EVs
  • Encouraging denser development near housing, e.g., Transit Oriented Development
  • Facilitating access to renewable electricity, including installing solar power on municipal buildings, and promoting community solar and energy aggregation
  • Promoting energy efficiency in buildings
  • Promoting recycling and composting
  • Mitigating the effects of climate change, for example through green infrastructure to manage flooding, or planting of trees to mitigate heat waves

You can read the Climate Action Plan here.