Montclair Climate Action

MCA President Speaks to Shomrei Emunah

MCA president David Korfhage recently spoke to congregants of the Montclair synagogue Shomrei Emunah about the climate crisis, its causes, and what people can do. The event, part of an Essex-county wide Mitzvah day, was organized by congregation members looking to find out about what they can do to address the climate crisis. Korfhage outlined a number of things that congregants could do as individuals, but stressed that the most important thing is to join an organization and start putting pressure on elected officials to take action.

You can read more information about Korfhage’s presentation here.

Many thanks to Shomrei Emunah for inviting an MCA representative to speak. Keep up the struggle to address the climate crisis!

Image source: Shomrei Emunah